Hosting a Paint Out

In order for our group to succeed and have places and days to paint, we need members to volunteer to host paint outs. The Director and Advisory Board can all plan some too, but it is impossible for them to be at each and every paint out and it is so easy to plan and execute one! Here are some guidelines for this:

  1. Pick a date and place that is convenient for you as the host. You will need to attend the paint out as the host, so these things need to be good for you. You may co-host with another person if you wish.
  2. Make sure that there is a nearby restroom for use by the artists during the paint out.
  3. You will need to announce a start time and an ending time of the paint out. It is generally a 3-4 hour time span, but you can set whatever times you would like. It is often fun to break for lunch if it is an all day paint out or eat lunch together after a morning paint out. If there is a restaurant nearby, you can add this fun element to the paint out plans. Each artist would of course be responsible for their own meal expenses.
  4. We generally get together at the last 15-30 minutes of the paint out to share with the other artists what we painted. This is not a critique but just sharing time so do not let this make you refrain from painting with us. We are all at different levels and this is just a fun time to develop your painting skills with other artists!
  5. You also need to note a meeting place for the beginning of the paint out. Depending on the location, artists might spread out after arrival but it is important to meet the host so that they know you are there painting with the group.
  6. After you have all of these details set, please email the information to the Director at and it will be added to the calendar and sent to the membership.
  7. Please contact the Director if you have any questions about hosting a paint out.
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