About Us

Plein Air Memphis is a group of artists from the Memphis area that come together to paint outdoors (en plein air) at various locations in and around Memphis. PAM consists of a Director, Advisory Board, and members who host paint outs and shows. Membership in PAM is free and other than paint outs, there are not any regularly scheduled meetings of the membership. There are Advisory Board meetings scheduled as needed.

Director: Denise Rose

Advisory Board

Glenda Brown

Sheryl Hibbs

Gary Gibson

Matthew Lee

Jan Carnall

Jacque Sligh

Liz Williams


Our Vision for PAM*:

– To keep membership in PAM fun, desirable, and rewarding, with members seeking to produce quality art.

– To keep sales and competition to a minimum, not the focus of PAM nor a reason to join its membership.

– To educate the public as to the value, importance and desirability of plein air works of art.

– To encourage members to produce high quality work through education, study, and brush time.

– To have our group recognized and respected by the art community and the general public because of our uniqueness, the quality of our art, and the value we place on it. We are a special painting group. We are friendly, talented artists who paint outdoors as a group in an informal manner.

– To have members vested in PAM not through dues but though involvement while realizing that not everyone will want to volunteer nor can they for various reasons.

– To have PAM remain open to all artists who want to paint outdoors with us wherever we paint.


* Thanks to Sharon Gates, Director of the Alabama Plein Air Artists, for sharing the vision for their group with us.